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Bold Moves in Sustainability

Tegra is making bold moves in apparel manufacturing. Sustainability is integral to our purpose, and we’re leading the industry in finding new ways to make our operations more energy efficient. We began our sustainability journey in 2018. That’s when we set our goal of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by 4.2 percent annually. Our ultimate goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50.4 percent in 2030. So far, we’ve hit our target every year.

Tegra is reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making our carbon footprint smaller, and taking actions to be more energy efficient now and in the future. This video takes a look at how Tegra’s sustainability strategy is unfolding at our newest facility in Honduras, called The Arena.


Together, we are leaving the world better than we found it. We are Stitching Together a Better Tomorrow.

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Sustainability Plans at The Arena in San Pedro Sula, Honduras